A Blanket You Can Wear

Handmade, cozy, and comfortable

Wear It Anywhere

All Day Comfort & Stylish

Made To Last

Handmade from the finest materials

Pockets For Your Wallet, Keys, Phone

...snacks, hat, a Chihuahua...

A Cashmere & Wool Blanket You Can Wear

KoldVorna is a wool & cashmere wrap made of fine, sustainable, and ethically sourced wool & cashmere. Inspired by a garment that one of our founders grew up with, we make all KoldVornas in the United States.

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Easy as 1-2-3-4

Step 1. Position your KoldVorna

Step 2. Tuck in non-logo side

Step 3. Fold over logo side

Step 4. Roll her down

"The New Winter Essential" 🙌

Meet the KoldVorna. The winter essential you will wish you'd had all these years.

Cozy and durable materials, large pockets, and an easy-to-use velcro enclosure.